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Our friends and neighbors can’t understand our connection with Florida. Why do we travel to the State of Florida when we already live in such a major resort area? It might make sense in the dead of winter, but why bother traveling during this time of the year? Isn’t it the same Atlantic Ocean?
My short answer is yes, we live in a wonderful “resort” area, but there is a concept called “getting away from it all” and if you happen to be in the media business with all the deadlines and all the commitments, you will understand the “getting away from it all” thought process. We love what we do, so we will simply call it a form of mental relaxation. 
Just getting away for a few days does wonders for the body, mind and soul, and don’t forget that our hometown resort is minutes away from the Atlantic City Airport and only a couple of hours away from another world.
In this case, our other world happened to be the Westin Beach Resort & Spa in the yachting capital of the world. While we don’t pretend to own one, the yachts are a beautiful addition to the overall ambiance of this magnificent resort. We also happen to love Ft. Lauderdale and there is so much that has changed here in what feels like a few short years, and this particular resort is a great example of what I would call the new and improved Ft. Lauderdale. We are talking about a hotel property that has been here forever (actually, 1964) , but in 2010, there was a major rebirth with a multi-million dollar upgrade of the entire resort. Our room (with
a dramatic view of the water) was everything one could hope for, and it looked and worked exactly how it was advertised (a critical part of that multi-million dollar upgrade).
The days of the annual infusion of high-school and college students celebrating their spring break is yesterday’s news. So much of the entire Ft. Lauderdale community has changed for the better, and it’s a very
different destination with tons of fabulous restaurants, unique shopping areas, fabulous golf courses, and of course, the famed Intracoastal waterways and incredible beaches. The only downside would be the presence of our cell phones. In reality, they remind us that there is no absolute escape, and yes, we have a business that is not thinking in terms of us relaxing near a pool some 1220 miles away. It doesn’t really matter; we can still relax and enjoy the dreamlike environment (just look at the pictures).
We didn’t do much shopping, but let’s talk about the restaurants
(actually, the restaurant). We fell in love with Shula’s on the Beach (very conveniently located in the Westin Beach complex) and there was literally no reason to go anywhere else. They did breakfast, lunch and dinner, and
if you go, ask for their Head Coach (Brian Quinn). When you meet Brian, there is again, no reason to go elsewhere. The steaks are amazing, and everything works (especially the hospitality). The restaurant was a major part of our experience. 
You come here and you can play tennis or golf; go scuba diving, sailing, and even deep-sea fishing, but have a meal at Shula’s and you will have had a great time.
This is a Resort & Spa, so find the moment to visit their ultra-relaxing spa (they appropriately call it the Heavenly Spa) so what more do you have to know? And feel free to turn off your phone — the spa and the phone just doesn’t work well together. The pool is worth the trip all by itself.
It’s a relaxing spot where one can read, write, and talk. And it is perfectly acceptable to talk about business while enjoying everything about the pool.
 The pool; the rooms; the spa; the ocean; the yachts and certainly the restaurant. May we suggest The Westin Beach Resort & Spa in nearby
Ft. Lauderdale... once in a while you just have to get away from it all. 



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