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TenBrook is not your typical orthodontics practice. But neither is Dr. James TenBrook your typical orthodontist. This Harvard-trained dental professional, a.k.a. inventor, a.k.a. international lecturer, is blazing a new and exciting path with a unique view on care and his own patented brace system. And that’s just the start of how he is revolutionizing orthodontics.
     “I have always aspired to give my patients the best, and to treat as many people as I could,” said Dr. TenBrook, who opened his first office in his hometown of Millville, NJ back in February 1993. His goal was to make treatments affordable so that everyone had access to braces. But as he started working with traditional treatments, he was frustrated by their downsides. The process was lengthy and often unnecessarily painful. That led him to explore other options.
     “In order to fulfill this dream, I had to figure out the best treatment modalities and standardize them into the best technology and treatment times available,” he said. “That’s why I invented and patented my own braces, the TenBrook T1 Braces and T1 Wire Technology.”
     Rather than traditional braces, which use elastics to provide corrective pressure on teeth, Dr. TenBrook’s system is “self-ligating.” That means it provides steady pressure through the wire held in locking brackets that rotate into open and closed positions. Dr. TenBrook built several advantages into the unique system:
The braces are more comfortable to wear. The ultra-smooth rounded contours of the brackets don’t hurt a patient’s cheeks or lips. In fact, the contours follow the natural contours of teeth so that food tends to wash away rather than getting stuck as in traditional braces.
The braces aren’t painful. They use a force that is approximately one-fifth the force of the average competitor (including Damon, another self-litigating system).
Despite the lower force, the braces are very effective. The low friction allows for healthier tooth movement. Tooth movement is achieved in about half the time of traditional treatments. Many TenBrook patients finish in about one year, as compared to the traditional 2-2.5 years.
The braces are cost-competitive. Dr. TenBrook purposely keeps the price low to allow everyone to have access to treatment.
     The professional response has been enthusiastic. Dr. TenBrook has been invited to speak about his system at clinical meetings throughout the world, from Morocco to Thailand to South Africa. Closer to home, he’s spoken in San Diego, Boston, Atlanta, and Chicago.
     TenBrook Orthodontics also has grown from one location to nine, and Dr. TenBrook is looking to expand into seven more offices in New Jersey. “Multiple locations allow us to bring the TenBrook Treatment system and affordable pricing plans to more patients,” he noted.
     He now oversees a staff of 30, including two technicians who work exclusively at Lakeside Labs, LLC, an orthodontic lab that customizes patients’ appliances and retainers. The orthodontists and support staff work in clinical teams based on geography. Team members generally work in offices that are closest to their homes and families.
     The expansion has not impacted the level of care, which remains state-of-the-art. “Orthodontists, regardless of their level of experience, undergo our strenuous training and mentorship program before they practice with us,” Dr. TenBrook said. “In addition, our orthodontists meet on a quarterly basis to review these processes and evaluate new techniques or technologies that might improve established procedures.”
     The practice treats both children and adults, but not with the same approach. “The approach to treating children is much different than treating adults because you are dealing with growing bones of the face, along with eruption of the teeth,” he explained. “Making these dynamics match up can be challenging, and is best handled by an experienced orthodontist. We look at the face and how we can improve facial balance through jaw growth orthopedic procedures. Good management of the eruption of teeth can often eliminate the need for tooth impactions or the need for tooth extraction.”
     “Treating adults is slightly different because we are now dealing with pre-existing malocclusion and non-growing facial bones,” he said. “Once your chief concern is addressed, we will prepare an exacting treatment plan to customize your smile. Often treatment goals can be accomplished in months.”
     In addition to the TenBrook proprietary treatments, the office also offers Zoom®2, one-hour tooth whitening, and cosmetic tooth contouring, as well as invisible retainers, and bonded fluoride retainers.
     TenBrook Orthodontics takes all insurances that cover orthodontics, and offers many options for payment plans without insurance. The staff always finds a way to make your smile affordable and fit your budget.
     “We have the lowest prices on braces because people deserve to have a nice smile they can be proud of,” said Dr. TenBrook. “A beautiful smile builds self-confidence, self-confidence results in happiness, and happiness leads to a good life.”
     Now that’s a reason to smile.

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