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The Name Says It All

     There are hardware stores and there are special hardware stores. Artistic Hardware is of the "special" variety.  Pat McCarthy wanted to use the name "Artistic" because he knew his concept was going to be something very different and very special, and his growth and success is all you have to know. When you add art, you add distinctive touches that make things like sinks, bathtubs, mirrors and shower doors more personal and more interesting. His customers come from all over seeking that special touch that has made Artistic so much more than a hardware store.

     The real success here has been the innovation and design that makes each job one-of-a-kind, but it's so much more than that. Artistic Hardware is quality driven in every respect and their customers include area builders, architects, designers, and kitchen and bath professionals. Their concern and respect for ecology is evident in every single thing they do. Of course, the real measure of their success is providing value to each and every customer no matter how big or small a job might be.  An Artistic Hardware customer is going to be a happy customer, and that's precisely why they keep coming back.

     ARTISTIC HARDWARE’S claim to fame is not its dazzling array of designer hardware, which brings in countless clients from Cape May to Long Beach Island. It’s not the store’s unique, almost “art gallery” quality of inventory. It isn’t even the attentive, personal touch provided by owner Pat McCarthy and his dedicated and knowledgeable staff. It’s that Artistic Hardware’s products have been featured in movies and television–and not on a commercial for the store. The hardware has actually appeared with the actors in scenes from the production. “A crew will film on location and then they’ll set up the identical scene to finish filming on a sound stage,” explained McCarthy. “So we send them duplicates of the hardware and some of the props so that they can match the two.”

     The movie part of Artistic Hardware’s business evolved almost accidentally, according to McCarthy. “It started when they filmed “Snake Eyes” in Atlantic City several years ago,” said McCarthy. “I met a set decorator named Chuck Potter. He pulled us right out of the phone book.We got to talking and he came in, saw our products, and we established a relationship.”

     Pat McCarthy started the store with a vision, but it didn’t include the movie business. “I wanted to showcase the more unique and interesting phases of hardware, plumbing, lighting and home accessories,” he said. So the Margate native started Artistic Hardware in 1999 after spending about a decade in the hardware business.

     Movie work is not a huge part of their business, he noted, but there are a couple of projects a week. “A bigger part of what we do,” he said, “is supply many of the single family homes in South Jersey.” Often the jobs showcase McCarthy’s innate creativity. “For one family, we reproduced the bay view outside their window on the glass of their shower door,” he said.“We had an artist etch the glass so it would be a mirror image of what they saw when they looked outside.”

     And because their clients are devoted, McCarthy has found himself furnishing jobs for second homes and other properties in the Bahamas, St. John’s, Bermuda, Key West, California, Colorado, Canada, England, Belgium and Morocco.

     “We work with a lot of custom family homes, starting with the blueprint stage up to the finish,” he said.“We’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the finest architects, builders, designers and kitchen and bath professionals in the area.”

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